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I have been using it since it first came out. Simply excellent.


Sketches fits perfect to iPhone. The idea is very good by itself, but the quality of the application made it perfect. It takes advantage of the iPhone UI in a very special way - for example the shake to erase capability is so cute! This is a five stars application, for sure!!

Excellent Application With Great Potential

Congrats to the LateNiteSoft Team for this sketch prog! Suggestions: (1) it would be fantastic, if one write text in movable areas with the keyboard too! (2) is a rubber planned? (3) pls add an user option for the automatic saving behaviour. Keep up the good work!

Better than the freeware before

This is a different, much better app than the previous freeware version. Playful & intelligent. EUR 5 entirely justified for those who think they need this toy.

Really fun!

Dude, this app has everything you need to draw with. You can set a picture as a background and pump it up a little. You can also just draw stuff!

really neat

i too jail broke my ipod and had this app but all you could do with that one was draw a little pic then e-mail it to yourself you couldnt save them to your photos section but in this one it looks like you can i am totaly getting this

Lookn good

Great functionality looks great and not a bad price, like a mini-photoshop at your finger tips

High fun

I used this app on my unbricked touch and found it fun. Now the touch is rebricked, so I had to buy Sketchs from the app store, and I have got my moneys worth. Love the clipboard and all the extra features that were not available before. Only one feature not in new version, going directly to email from your sketch. Apparently this is an issue with Apple SDK in that there is no way to send an email from within an app. Anyway I await updates while I kill the time Sketching.


A nice improvement over the unofficial Version from Works nicely.

Fantastic for

I would have paid $10 for this app. Im using its built in website capture, then outlining elements with the included shapes. Then I export to saved photos and send as an attachment in an email. A screenshot without markup just doesnt convey the same meaning. The only feature I can imagine adding would be placing text like you can with shapes.


this app. is great buy it


Average. Not much better than the free jailbroken option. Oh, if you have failed to buy this or any other software with store credit, its bit a glitch. Apple cannot sell apps for store credit in Canada due to legal reasons. If you compare the terms and conditions, youll notice the US store says you can, the candian store makes no mention of it. Types on my iPod Touch! ♨


Very good app, 6$ is a little steep but I think its worth it. Great for showing off your iPod Touch or iPhone!

There Are Better Note and Sketch Software Than This

This is a normal, nothing to be excited about, app. Very slow in launching (Something you dont want when you need to take quick notes or make quick sketches). No preset note color, so you will have to change the note color everytime you make a new sketch or note. There are better apps out there. Map application only takes picture of your current location and not able to capture from google map for other locations. Not worth the price I paid for.

Great app

This is an awesome app, easy to use, nice layout, and high quality drawing and "effect" tool. The only thing I hope to see is more items available to add to pictures, like more hats, glasses, mustaches, accessories, etc.


Oh sure! Lower the freaking price after weve bought it!

Be patient

Hahahahha I got it for 2 bucks or a toonie as us canadians call it hahahaha hahaha its cool get line rider also

A great buy

Fun, inexpensive, comes with tons of photo editing and drafting tools


This is a great app. I love the photo changing ability but I found it hard to write.


Superb investment.

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